RMDs & Cancer Program

When? Application start: 26/04/2022 00:00
Application deadline: 29/05/2022 23:59

Time zone: Europe/Paris



The research project

Funded research projects must meet the following criteria:

  • Projects fitting into the Fondation's priority issues and research areas
  • Fundamental or applied research projects meeting “RMDs & Cancer” program objectives with a concrete impact on RMDs comprehension and/or management
  • Project with identified and achievable objectives within 3 years
  • Projects involving several multidisciplinary teams with expertise in rheumatology and cancer will be favored  
  • Projects that benefit or have benefited from other funding are strongly encouraged

The project leader

The call for projects is intended for:

  • Senior researchers
  • Doctoral students cannot apply fot this funding program

The candidate team

  • French academic research laboratories
  • The project leader research laboratory must specialize in cancerology and/or rheumatology




The amount allocated per project is €300,000 over a total period of 3 years (€100,000 per year renewable twice after evaluation of annual progress).   

The funding granted may be devoted to :

  • operating costs of the project (including mission costs, which should not exceed 5% of the total amount)
  • purchase of small equipment and research reagents
  • subcontracts with companies and/or public and/or private laboratories
  • intellectual property/patent deposit
  • research master internship compensation
  • salaries of a post-doctoral fellow and/or an engineer

The management or operating expenses of the managing organization will not be covered by this funding. 





If the project is selected by the Fondation, the researcher agrees to :

  • To attend Jacques Courtin Day and present the obtained results to the attendees including scientists and members of the Foundation's governing bodies.
  • To submit a scientific and financial report by the end of each year to allow the project follow-up and annual evaluation, which is essential to the fund renewal.
  • To submit, at the end of the project, a scientific and financial report summarizing the entire project.
  • To mention the ARTHRITIS Foundation in publications, press releases and any written or oral presentation of work related to the project. The co-ownership of the results of the research work is defined according to the terms of the collaboration contract between the host laboratory and ARTHRITIS R&D.
  • To transmit the publications related to the project to the ARTHRITIS Foundation as soon as possible before publication.




Applications will be evaluated by the Scientific Council of the Fondation ARTHRITIS, which will call upon a panel of external independent experts (national and international) from the academic sector in the fields covered by the call for projects. Representatives of patients with RMS and industrialists may also be solicited. 

Funding will be granted after the Scientific Council's opinion and approval by the Fondation ARTHRITIS’ Board of Directors, who will judge :

  • the project's topic and its relevance to the research priorities of the foundation
  • the ambition of the project and its potential:
    • Contribution in the exploitation of conceptual and/or technological breakthroughs and/or therapeutic innovations used in cancerology to benefit MSD
    • Clinical impact and the project outcomes valorization on MSD diagnosis, prevention or treatment
    • Scientific impact, in particular the valorization of results through scientific publications or patent application within 3 years
  • the feasibility of the project: objectives achievable within 3 years, clear timelines with well identified annual objectives
  • the scientific quality of the project
  • the originality and innovative nature of the project
  • the scientific quality of the project leader and his/her team (e.g., background, publications, etc.)


Important informations :

  • All applications are evaluated in accordance with the confidentiality agreement.
  • Project leaders must be careful about the format of uploaded documents.
  • Applications received after the deadline and incomplete will not be evaluated.
  • Applications that do not meet the eligibility criteria will not be evaluated.
  • A given laboratory may submit only one application for funding. In case of multiple applications from the same laboratory, none of the applications will be considered.

Notification of results: July 2022

The results will be published on the Fondation ARTHRTIS website: https://fondation-arthritis.org/


For more information : departementscientifique@fondation-arthritis.org