Subvention Emergence 2023

When? Application start: 30/05/2022 00:00
Application deadline: 26/06/2022 23:59

Time zone: Europe/Paris



The research project

Funded research projects must meet the following criteria:

  • Projects fitting into the Fondation's priority issues and research areas
  • Project presenting an innovative approach, technological and/or conceptual breakthrough
  • A pilot project or a project that will enable the implementation of a research program eligible for larger-scale national or international funding
  • Projects with clear objectives that can be achieved within 12 months
  • Projects introducing a new RMDs theme within a new or existing team will be encouraged

The project leader

The call for projects is intended for:

  • Senior researchers working in a French research unit
  • Senior researchers wishing to initiate a new project or a new research theme on RMDs within a new or existing team
  • Senior researchers wishing to introduce a new technological expertise and/or a new research approach in their research unit
  • Applications from researchers returning from a professional stay abroad are encouraged




The amount allocated per project is €25,000 for a period of 1 year.

The funding granted may be devoted to :

  • operating costs of the project (including mission expenses, which must not exceed 5% of the total amount)
  • purchase of small equipment and research materials
  • subcontracts with companies and/or public and/or private laboratories
  • research master internship compensation, which may not exceed the duration of the grant.

The management or operating expenses of the managing organization will not be covered by this funding. Upon request, a letter specifying an exemption from management and/or operating costs may be issued to your institution.




If the project is selected by the Fondation, the researcher agrees to :

  • To attend Jacques Courtin Day and present the obtained results to the attendees including scientists and members of the Foundation's governing bodies.
  • At the end of the work, submit a scientific and financial report summarizing the entire period.
  • To mention the support of the Fondation ARTHRITIS in its publications, press releases and any written or oral presentation of work.
  • To send the publications relating to the project to the Fondation ARTHRITIS as soon as possible before submission



Applications will be evaluated by a committee of mixed experts composed of members of the Scientific Council of the Fondation ARTHRITIS.


Funding will be granted after the Scientific Council's opinion and approval by the Fondation ARTHRITIS’ Board of Directors, who will judge :

  • the project's theme and its relevance to the Fondation's priority research areas
  • the stage of the project: only projects in the seed phase will be evaluated
  • the innovative and original nature of the project
  • the project's development potential
  • the potential of the expected results to lead to larger-scale funding
  • the potential to develop a new research theme on RMS
  • the establishment of a new technological expertise within the laboratory
  • the feasibility of the project: identified objectives achievable within 12 months
  • the scientific quality of the project
  • the scientific quality of the project leader and his/her team (e.g. career, publications)


Important informations :

  • All applications are evaluated in accordance with the confidentiality agreement.
  • Project leaders must be careful about the format of uploaded documents.
  • Applications received late and/or incomplete will not be evaluated.
  • Applications that do not meet the eligibility criteria will not be evaluated.
  • A team may submit only one application for funding. In case of multiple applications from the same team (HCERES certification will be used to define the different team from a same laboratory), none of the applications will be considered

Notification of results: Last quarter of the year

The results will be published on the Fondation ARTHRTIS website:


For more information :